WordPress infrastructure and bugs (currently offline/block editor inactive)

Aug 28, 2020 PHP WordPress

#(Case 1) Publication has failed. It seems to be offline now. When I press the post button,

Publishing failed. It seems to be offline now.

It will be displayed. There seem to be various solutions, but in my case, Settings> General WordPress address (URL) and site address (URL)

change to

It was solved by doing.

#(Case 2) Block addition is inactive This is the main theme of this time. The new version of WordPress can use not only conventional HTML editing but also block font called Gutenberg. reference:) HTML editing ![Screenshot 2020-08-28 12.20.04.png](https://qiita-image-store.s3.ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/0/320677/950352d9-97c8-0c69-d975-(1c7bfce9b054.png) Gutenberg (block insertion editor) ![Screenshot 2020-08-28 11.38.51.png](https://qiita-image-store.s3.ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/0/320677/6b9e55a0-4e64-a00e-1833-(78f145780969.png)

But the insert button of the block in the upper left was inactive. :cold_sweat:

Applicable system configuration

- EC2
- CloudFront
- Route53

Normally, From User> Edit Profile Solved by removing not using Visual Rich Editor It looks like it wasn’t.

The cause is the cloud front, It is solved by adding the following code to functions.php under the relevant theme. If you are using Amazon Lightsail ./wordpress/htdocs/wp-content/themes/xxxxx/functions.php

function dtbaker_wp_cloudfront(){
add_action('init','dtbaker_wp_cloudfront' ,9 );

reference: https://dtbaker.net/blog/rich-textvisualwysiwyg-editor-does-not-work-in-wordpress-behind-cloudfront/

I was healed like this. ![Screenshot 2020-08-28 12.33.11.png](https://qiita-image-store.s3.ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/0/320677/0e8483db-f12e-c3f2-97dc-(6b83799fa61f.png)

Medeshimedeshide: smiley: