Skill analysis summary

Sep 4, 2020 PHP Laravel skill check

#Background I’ve been learning about programming as it is ・ What language can you speak? → I studied with php and java, but I don’t know if I can do it!

・ What kind of function can be created? → You can use the function copied by Gugu, but I don’t know if it can be used when the situation changes!

I can’t answer that I can be confident when asked a question such as.

So Writing these functions in this language and writing programs like this I would like to write an article in the hope that I can record it and explain it.

#Development environment ◾️ Install ・ MAMP (Mac, Apache, Mysql, PHP) ・ XAMPP (Cross Platform, Apache, Mysql, PHP, Perl)

◾️ Virtualization tool ・ Docker (laradock)

#Production / Function ◾️ EC site (laravel) Product list (using pagement) / member registration / login / cart function (addition / deletion / total amount)

◾️ LINE BOT restaurant search (laravel) Restaurant search (using LINE API, Gurunavi API)

#Language / framework php (laravel), java #Other tools Redmine, GitHub,