[No error] phpMyAdmin login screen is not displayed Resolved

Sep 7, 2020 PHP MySQL phpMyadmin mariadb

I didn't get any particular error, but I was addicted to the swamp when I was following a certain article while studying.

【problem】 phpMyAdmin login screen does not appear


❶ Download phpMyAdmin (Download on the right side of HP): raised_hand: https://www.phpmyadmin.net/ Screenshot 2020-09-07 14.12.41.png

❷ Move phpMyAdmin download file to> htdocs file in MAMP: raised_hand: Screenshot 2020-09-07 14.14.48.png

❸ Search on localhost in Chrome: raised_hand: Screenshot 2020-09-07 14.16.33.png

❹ The following image page will be displayed. Click the phpMyAdmin file: raised_hand:

Note: I just changed it to [phpmyadmin] to shorten the file name downloaded from phpMyAdmin.

Screenshot 2020-09-07 14.17.35.png

The phpMyAdmin page that I wanted to reach with the above 4 points has opened!