Laravel8: A memo that I immediately tried the new login jetstream

Sep 9, 2020 PHP Laravel login laravel8

Laravel8: A memo that immediately tried the new login “jetstream”

Hello everyone I’m Yamazaki, Chief Lecturer of G’s Academy m (_ _) m This time, I will update to Laravel 8 and do My Memo for creating Login screen.

The following is the screen when the Laravel 8 installation is completed. It’s changed …

Prerequisites / Verification environment

–People who understand the basics of Laravel and have experience in creating CRUD –In terms of the content of the article, it is *** my memo *** when using Login of Laravel8. -* PHP 7.3.x (confirmed environment) * -** For EC2: t2.small (Memory 2G or more is required, so it is necessary for “laravel / jetstream”, so t2.micro is moss. Those who can handle with Swap are still OK) ** –Node.js must be installed

[Refer to here for creating a login screen with Laravel 6/7]

Laravel8 Login screen creation

Login Register

1. Install laravel / jetstream

There seem to be several types, this time I chose the simple one! !!

composer require laravel / jetstream

php artisan jetstream: install livewire

php artisan migrate

npm install

npm run dev

Select “Livewire” or “inertiajs” for the second time of the above command. Both are new.

php artisan jetstream: install livewire

php artisan jetstream: install inertia

“Livewire renders the first component output (like a Blade include) with the page …. When an interaction occurs, Livewire uses the updated data to send an AJAX request to the server.” Looking at the explanation of the site, is it an image that generates JavaScript (ajax, event …) just by the description on the Blade template side? [** livewire video commentary is also available **]

“Inertia doesn’t have client-side routing and doesn’t require an API. As always, just build the controller and pageview” and “think of it as the glue that connects the client-side and the server-side.” I wrote it like that. This is for building vue / React / Svelte … on the front side.


Profile page? ??

Somehow, it’s getting really good. .. ..

First of all, the Laravel8 version of LOGIN has been implemented!

Laravel 8.x Official

“Laravel” is also in operation

A tool that can generate migration just by designing a table of Laravel

that’s all