I want to post a logical value with ajax

Sep 5, 2020 PHP FuelPHP Ajax post boolean

When posting data asynchronously using ajax, you want to post the value as a logical value (TRUE / FALSE).

Even if it is written normally, it will be treated as a string type. Even if you bother to write boolean (true) etc. when posting, it will not be posted as a logical value. So, I have to mold the data once somewhere. This time, I will describe the case with FuelPHP.

$ ('# send_button'). on ('click', function () {// When the button is pressed
  var formdata = new FormData ($ ('# main_form'). get (0)); // Get data from form tag
  function () {
    $ .ajax ({{
      type:'POST', // method specification
      url:'<? php echo $ url;?>', // Post URL
      data: formdata,
      cache: false,
      contentType: false,
      processData: false
$ data = \ Input :: post (); // Get the data to post
if ($ data ['true_or_false'] ='true') {
  $ data ['true_or_false'] = true; // Overwrite with logical value
} elseif ($ data ['true_or_false'] ='false') {
  $ data ['true_or_false'] = false; // Overwrite with logical value
// Throw $ data to the process you want to do

By the way, this time I was writing a process to throw to an external API, and I worked hard on the view to arrange the shape of the data to be posted, but in the end I ended up playing with the controller, so what I can do with the controller and model is there I really felt like doing it.