How to use form button (PHP super beginner)

Sep 5, 2020 PHP


As a PHP super beginner, I stumbled upon creating a form button and will post what I learned from it. What is a ## form tag? Tags used when creating input forms etc.

Set actions and methods.

◉ action attribute = You can specify a program to process the data entered in the form.

◉ method attribute = You can set how to send the data entered in the form. Select the value from “get” or “post”.

Difference between GET and POST

・ GET is used when searching for or acquiring information. ・ POST is used for updating and registration processing.

This article was very easy to understand.

The mistake I made

I’m not familiar with action and method attributes I made a mistake like this when creating a website.

<form action = "post">
      <input type = "submit" name ='message' value ='send>
      </ form>

Not POSTed at all. .. If you think I was setting POST to the action attribute instead of the method attribute.

<form actio = "#" method = "post">
      <input type = "submit" name ='message' value ='send'>
      </ form>

This is correct.

I hope the super beginners don’t make the same mistakes.