How to install cakephp on mac

Aug 29, 2020 PHP CakePHP

#Procedure disclosure (Memorandum)

Install MAMP on ##1.mac

##2.Pass PATH to MAMP php (PATH from php in mac to MAMP php in terminal)

At the terminal

macbook:~ user$ which php

When you execute, you should see (/usr/bin/php) because you can see the current status. When I checked, it seems that this php is the php originally included in mac, and it seems to be useless as it is.

In this case, since PATH is not in MAMP php, At the terminal

macbook:~ user$ .bash_profile

To execute the vim operation.

##3. With Vim, pass PATH to MAMP php

Switch to insert mode on the Vim screen

export PATH=/Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php? .? .? /bin:$PATH

Run. Select the php version for /php?.?.?/. Exit the insert mode, save and exit the Vim screen.

Then return to the terminal

% source ~/.bash_profile

To reflect the Vim settings. At the terminal

 macbook:~ user$ which php



It is OK if is displayed.

Install ##4.composer At the terminal

macbook:~ user$ curl -sS | php

Run. after installing composer

macbook:~ user$ composer -v

If you can check the version of composer by executing.

After that, move “composer.phar” to the folder specified in PATH.

Install ##5.cakephp To the folder you want to install

macbook:~ user$ cd installation folder (in my case MAMP htdocs)


 macbook:~ htdocs $ php composer.phar create-project --prefer-dist cake php/app version specification folder name

If you can install it without any problems, you are finished.

This is my first article, so it’s for myself, but I’m sorry if there are any mistakes.