Do you know Carbon, which displays the source code coolly on Twitter?

Sep 7, 2020 Ruby PHP JavaScript Twitter

Hello, my name every show that has been active as the current free of the web creator.

Well, everyone, `It feels good to see the highlights of the source code. ``

For VS Code code highlights, I like the class name to be green.

Screenshot 2020-09-07 20.47.45.jpg

Once you get used to this, you can no longer use a simple notepad.

However, Twitter does not have an editor function, so even if you want to tweet ** If you paste the source code as it is, it will be very dull ** (the character limit is also tight)

Screenshot 2020-09-07 20.51.48.jpg

I’ve been on Twitter for 8 years and an engineer for 2 years for the first time, and I’ve been using cool services since 2020.

`If you love code highlights, start using Carbon today. ``

What is Carbon?

It is a service that allows you to share source code neatly on Twitter.


It’s more beautiful than pasting with a screenshot.

Screenshot 2020-09-07 20.10.48.jpg

You can see in the pictures that it supports various languages and themes.

The theme in the above picture is VS Code, but I like the theme seti, so I will display it with seti.


Screenshot 2020-09-07 20.16.29.jpg

JavaScript (Vue)

Screenshot 2020-09-07 20.19.38.jpg


Screenshot 2020-09-07 20.23.08.jpg


Screenshot 2020-09-07 20.40.51.jpg

Easy posting and image saving are also possible

You can tweet immediately by signing in with Twitter, or you can export it as an image as png.

Screenshot 2020-09-07 20.34.36.jpg

You can safely delete Created with @carbon_app when posting. There is no problem if you have the following.

Screenshot 2020-09-07 20.23.34.jpg

Screenshot 2020-09-07 20.32.28.jpg

** Hmm, fashionable! !! !! ** **

The psychology of sharing source code on Twitter is

** “Look at this smart code of mine! This is convenient and recommended !!” **


I think it’s a psychology (arbitrariness and prejudice)

From an appealing point of view, I think it’s a very smart way to share source code.