Correspondence when it becomes killed after composer require in Docker

Aug 24, 2020 PHP Composer Laravel Docker

I made a development environment with Docker (docker-compose) on Mac, and when I made a `composer require` on the Laravel application under development, it was interrupted.
composer require ****/*****

If composer ends in the middle, I think that lack of memory is a standard thing. I got this link from a senior at the company and the suspicion turned into conviction.

[PHP] Cause and action when composer install fails with killed

PHP memory_limit increase

When I found out that there was not enough memory, I first increased the memory_limit of php.ini used in Docker. I didn’t know how much it needed, but for now I made it 2GB (2048MB).

memory_limit = 2048M

After changing the setting, docker build and restart

Increase memory allocation for Docker for Mac


The resource that Docker specified in Docker for Mac can use was initially 2GB. I have 64GB of memory in my MacBook Pro, so I increased it to Dawn and 8GB. I think this is a consultation with machine specs.

After the change, it took a reboot of the Docker host.

Solved! !!

I changed the memory settings in the above two points and succeeded in executing composer require. The composer update requires a lot of memory as well, so you may need to do the same.