CakePHP Training (Official) Notes

Aug 28, 2020 PHP CakePHP study sessions beginners English

I attended the official webinar of cakephp the other day. Make a note of the situation and impressions.

was $2 It’s 4pm local time, so it’s 3 hours from 0:00 ###cakephp main committer jose gonzalez directly Conducted a tutorial for beginners While explaining it,

“There is cakephp”

I will sandwich Even if you change the table It will not be reflected unless you bake the entity again Please be careful because the form does not work You say

Because you know the details

Convenient functions that you do not use unless you know Text::toList() or dd() It was nice to know

The most surprising feature is

sql log of save() goes back in the history of debug bar Was seen

By being a webinar for beginners,

Non-targeted framework-wide question It was interesting to parry “Do you support cakephp8?” Asked “While watching the release situation.” Such

Since it was live, it was good that the contents became more intense depending on the question.

When we talked about the naming rules for entity properties from the middle, verification started while rewriting the code on phpStorm. Is the snake case and camel case automatically converted? Plurals are automatically converted to singular by Inflector, so it was okay. I understand the operation inside cakephp, so I thought it would be nice to be able to hear the answer immediately without having to go deep into the code.

And, “I’m just a framework developer, I don’t feel uncomfortable with this, but do you all come to talk about poking the corners of a heavy box?” ..

There are about 14 students at the same time

It seems that not everyone is Japanese English writing of chat It was solid. Well, But even in poor English, You’re used to it He picked up a keyword. do not be afraid.

If you are interested

Online at Cakefest in December of this year You can join for $5 Please participate.

Even without paying

On Youtube’s cakephp channel Longer video for corona support Because it’s up Please look