After installing XAMPP for mac after a long time, it was a bit different

Aug 30, 2020 PHP Mac xampp


  1. It was a VM
  2. It’s not http://localhost~ anymore

Install XAMPP


Version as of August 30, 2020 is 7.4.9

![Screenshot 2020-08-30 16.05.11.png](

I notice that the XAMPP folder that finder should have is gone

I tried to start XAMPP for the time being

Then it looks like a local IP address is assigned

![Screenshot 2020-08-30 16.12.26.png](

Start Apache and MySQL

![Screenshot 2020-08-30 16.16.32.png](

Enable 80 port

![Screenshot 2020-08-30 16.17.23.png](

Click mount

![Screenshot 2020-08-30 16.19.59.png](

The htdocs in this opt/lampp seems to be the root.

** If you go to this point, the IP address of the VM will be displayed in the “location” of the finder and you can operate the folder **